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Using coupon on decornation

  • Percent Discount: This is a flat percentage off a buyer’s total order (not applied to shipping costs or tax fees).
  • Fixed Amount Discount: This subtracts a set amount, such as RS 200 off, from the total cost of an order. Please note that due to the way we have to calculate the discounts associated with coupons, occasionally fixed discounts can be off by a very small amount.


How to redeem a Coupon Code

  1.  Once you add an item to your cart, Go to your Cart  and click view cart bellow Item total 
  2. Collapse “DISCOUNT CODE” and enter the coupon code and click Apply
  3. The coupon discount will adjust your order total


We also offer Thank You Coupons which are emailed to Selected buyers who purchase regulary



If you're having difficulty redeeming a coupon code, please contact us at care@decornation.in  to make sure the code is still available.