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At DecorNation we like to maintain a strict privacy check on the details we receive from our customers at any point of the business process. In our Privacy Policy, we would like to mention that by “you” we mean any person who has willingly submitted his required personal details to us, our agent or to our site.

We highly appreciate the fact that you share your private information with us and it is our primary duty to not let you down at any point. We do not promote on selling, distribution or renting of our valuable customer’s details to any third party beyond our approval or knowledge. The information that we acquire for the sake of your service is secured in our electronic database under high technological and human supervision. We are obligated to use your information only till the extent that is approved by law or whenever required for further assistance or our dealings with you.

You can visit our website at any point and remain anonymous unless you decide to create an account on our site and log in with your username and password or decide to purchase any number of products as a guest member/member of our site.

What information We tend to collect from You and How We use it?

  1. We will be requiring your basic contact details such as your Customer Name, Gender, Contact Number, Contact or Postal Address, Zip Code, Customer’s E-mail ID. This information is processed and saved in our database so that it becomes convenient to for us in further dealings with you and for continuing in providing you a hassle-free service in the future.

  2. Along with that, the Bank Account and usual Transaction Details like your Bank’s Name, your Bank Account Number, Debit/Credit Card Holder’s Name, Card Number, CVV Number, Card’s Expiry date and other Internet Banking information, would also be needed in order to process your order from our store through Online Banking. However, it should be noted that these details will be submitted not to DecorNation but to our Payment Gateway Partner “PayuMoney” for processing the payment regarding your purchase from our website. Here, we would like to assure our customers that “PayuMoney” is a verified online Gateway Partner of DecorNation for Net Banking and it ensures that all your submitted details are completely safe and secured.

  3. Other than the above mentioned information we maintain a proper record of our business details that were carried on with you in the past such as the Products you purchased from our online store, the Pricing Details, the Order Number, the Date of Purchase and other Payment or Transaction History.

  4. We will have to share a part of your details to the Courier Company that we are partners with for the delivery of your products to your place.

  5. Your sign-in details, traffic sources, session log information, IP address and the overall site performance on our website and other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest will be automatically taking place in our knowledge. This is for our study on customers analysis and buying pattern which shall help us in improving your experience of business with us on online as well as offline platforms.


Links to separate websites

Often it might happen that while you are on our website, you will get links to few other Websites/Companies which will direct you to different online pages. Please note that DecorNation is nowhere liable or responsible in any privacy policies that are practiced by these websites. The information or the details that are submitted by you to these websites will be entirely at your own will and we shall take no responsibility for the same in the future. However, in case of any Promotion or Marketing that we advertise on our sites with our tied-up Partners/Agents, we shall be letting our customers aware of the same and in these cases we will ensure that your personal information is protected with us.



User generated contents shared by the users on our websites like reviews, comments, discussion boards, testimonials, blogs, online chat, etc are not a part of Personal Information that is acquired by DecorNation through its terms of Privacy Policies.

By submitting your data to us and our third party, you thus give us your consent to use the given Data (Personal/Transactional) in the manners mentioned in our Privacy Policy.



This privacy policy is subjected to change at any time without any prior notice to the members or guest members of our website. Hence, it is requested to keep checking our Privacy Policy once in a while. Also, the privacy terms and conditions of our agents/third party will vary from ours and thus, it is advised that the customers keep in mind of the same information as well. Any infringements will be subjected to Legal course of action.