DIY Project Monsoon

Isn’t monsoon just the best time of the year?! Yes, it has definitely got you stuck at the most complicated of all times, but can that really beat the whole ambiance created by the precious monsoon. No, not at all! Back in the days when we weren’t that pampered by technology, the rain with itself brought a few good family times spent in the balcony accompanied by some hot yummy pakoras and of course chai. Times have changed gradually and people have got busier. But no matter how busy you are, there are some things that you can always take out time for.

We have below, 5 best and easy DIYs perfect to brighten your home in the good nostalgic rainy days, even in the busiest of your days.

1. A plain white umbrella and few paper-drops. You are good to go for this DIY now.

2. Hey, do you still have those gumboots? Yes? Cool.

3. Go crazy with colors for this DIY and show the magic of your love.

4. When someone gets you those pretty flowers and you don’t know what to do with them, an umbrella comes to your rescue!

5. This DIY wall décor project is really very simple. For the clouds and the drops, use any design paper cut-outs from magazines


We knew you’d love it. BTW you are welcome! 😉

Images Source: pinterest

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