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These 9 hacks will make you redesign your home like a pro

Bring home the happiness as happiness is homemade. But before that why not just redesign your home/ house so as to make it look altogether fresh and new, and know the fact that it’s not always important to spend a lot of time and capital for the same. At times some homemade remedies really do […]

Quick Tips On Your Finger Tips : Project Home Decor

Frankly your house car etc in this era is considered to be the reflection of your personality, of what you are as a person, where do you stand in the society and what not. Strangely and sadly the hard fact is you are judged on the basis of things and materials you own. So a […]

Top 7 Beautiful Plants That Will Add Extra Flavour To Your Home

You might have heard of the famous statement “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going “. You might get surprised at what I am going to talk about in this article. But let’s just understand it in the easiest way possible. No one can deny the fact that we face highs and lows […]

Home Décor Inspiration And Tips For Monsoon

Monsoon is almost here and with it brings the weather perfect to enjoy the fried delicacies and hot beverages with your favorite book or the binge watching of a favorite show. It is time for colorful umbrellas and multi-hued raincoats. But, along with the fun that monsoon brings, be sure to take care for your […]

DIY Home Decor Planting Inspirations for this Summer

In the sun she be having fun, her name is Harman! Sounds like a quirky tagline but it’s pretty true when it comes to our motivation for this blog. Harmanjot Kaur Dhillon is just the woman you want to be around with, especially if it’s in summers. It her thing. Yep. As bothersome as it […]

Pucker Up Ladies!

Ladies are you in the midst of creating a new look for your room and looking for some good ideas? Well, come abode! You have just found yourself ways you could pucker up your room and let your room beguile your mates. 1. Add something like this to your shelves and you will never have […]

10 Simple DIY Wall Décor Ideas

Decorating walls of a room in the house is definitely a challenging task. It is where you want to put just the right amount of your creativity without giving the wall a strange appearance. Another thing that is always felt by many while decorating walls, is the expense that is considered on renovating the walls […]

DIY Project Monsoon

Isn’t monsoon just the best time of the year?! Yes, it has definitely got you stuck at the most complicated of all times, but can that really beat the whole ambiance created by the precious monsoon. No, not at all! Back in the days when we weren’t that pampered by technology, the rain with itself […]

“Namastey”, says your home!

We have seen many modern interior designs that are inspired by the contemporary styled western home décor ideas. And so are we incorporating the same furnishing styles and home décor ideas in our Indian homes as well. But if we look at the designs and the interior blueprint of the royal Indian houses, we will […]

9 Teen Rooms That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Teenage is undoubtedly the best phase of anyone’s life. It’s the time when you are young, wild, passionate and just crazy. Well, you get crazy later on too but this is different. Most of the teenagers spend their college days away from their homes and the journey of life is dealt independently. For girls, it’s […]