DIY Home Decor Planting Inspirations for this Summer

In the sun she be having fun, her name is Harman! Sounds like a quirky tagline but it’s pretty true when it comes to our motivation for this blog. Harmanjot Kaur Dhillon is just the woman you want to be around with, especially if it’s in summers. It her thing. Yep. As bothersome as it can be for some of us folks here to fight summer, Harman waits for this season to arrive all year long. So much so that she already has a to-do list of what she WILL do, when the sun shines bright.

She is jovial, an enthusiast, a reader and sometimes a little finicky that makes her survive the perks of the life. A professional computer teacher by day and a binge watcher of sitcoms by night, Harman has got her hands on pretty much everything.

A few days back, she posted us some pictures that she has been religiously taking from within her home, which showcases major goals for people who are looking to try DIY planting techniques at their homes.

So if you think you need some brainwave for the greenery to get going in your house, below are a few pretty little green wonders that will help you for sure.

Tip One: If you love your plants, show it.

Tip Two: Add a cute anime face to your planters. It looks cute and amazing both at the same time.

Tip Three: Don’t throw plastic bottles, they are free pots.

Tip Four: If you’ve got tyres, flaunt them.

Tip Five: Use old an old grand umbrella to hold a bunch of artificial flowers. It is a good summer style invitation to anyone who visits you.

Tip Six: Buy lots of classy mugs from every store you go. Use a couple of them as DIY mini planters.

Tip Seven: Give a twist to the boring corners of your home with exotic plants.

Tip Eight: At the main entrance, use big pots that set a splendid look.

Tip Nine: When using glass bottles as planters, don’t leave it naked. Dress them and decorate them good. Adding fairy lights is a bonus.

Tip Ten: Bring into play your decorative plants and display them on fine wall decorative shelves and racks.

Tip Eleven: Only using fine plants and pots won’t help. You’ve got to present the elements around it well too.

Tip Twelve: Be a Happy Bee in Summers. You never know, you might as well fall in love with it.


Let us know if your life at home is as exciting as Harman’s. Write to us with your favorite DIYs that you have accomplished so far and we shall feature you soon on our next blog.

That’s all buds. Stay happy and Feel the home.

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