Home Décor Inspiration And Tips For Monsoon

Monsoon is almost here and with it brings the weather perfect to enjoy the fried delicacies and hot beverages with your favorite book or the binge watching of a favorite show. It is time for colorful umbrellas and multi-hued raincoats. But, along with the fun that monsoon brings, be sure to take care for your furniture. The humid air can even make the solid wood furniture face strong challenges.

Wooden furniture, such as beds, wall shelves, chairs and the rest require a little extra care. The moisture in the air can seep in the furniture and play havoc. Doors and windows will swell, making it difficult to close. However, all these problems can easily be taken care of with timely precautions.

Tips for rainy days

Follow these tips and make sure that your wooden furniture stays as perfect as always:

1. Keep your furniture away from windows, door and damp spaces. It will protect them from direct water.

2. Clean your furniture regularly with a dry, soft cloth.

3. Avoid placing soggy clothes or damp towels on the back of wooden chairs.

4. Keeps your rooms, dry and free of moisture from cross ventilation.

5. Along with solid wood furniture, flooring also requires a little bit of extra care. Make sure that your wooden floor is waxed and polished together with the furniture.

Home Décor Trends

Don’t worry, monsoons are not all work. Though it might be dark and gloomy outside, you can create your own sunny haven inside.

1. Start with walls. Paint your rooms in bright, warm color which makes you remember the warm sunny weather.

2. Add on to your walls with color complementing floating wall shelves or wall racks. Go for bright colors rather than gray or black.

3. Change the upholstery. Go for orange, yellow, red and other bright colours. Forget all about dark colours. It will bring liveliness and your guests will also love it.

4. Heavy curtains during monsoon are a big NO-NO. Change your heavy sun blocking to the lighter one. They will ensure that your home gets abundant light as well as privacy.

5. Go for wind chimes. You can hang them in your room, balcony doors or garden. Light breeze will make them chime and the chimes will bring music in your home.

6. Use aromatic candles. Not only they will add pleasant fragrances to your home, but also will give the necessary light when the electricity goes off.

The home décor trend this monsoon is to go in for the colours that are happy and cheerful. The dark, gloomy colours are a strict thumb down. You will feel great when your home is shiny and bright, even though it is dark, gray and dismal outside. You will feel happy and your guests too will get a sense of relief after they step inside your home on a rainy day!

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    Thanks for sharing this informative post. The tips you have mentioned in the article are incredible. I really like the one tip most Clean your furniture regularly with a dry, soft cloth…….Keep posting!

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