“Namastey”, says your home!

We have seen many modern interior designs that are inspired by the contemporary styled western home décor ideas. And so are we incorporating the same furnishing styles and home décor ideas in our Indian homes as well. But if we look at the designs and the interior blueprint of the royal Indian houses, we will be less than amazed. Indians connect their home styling methods to their royal and traditional ancestors and it shows in wide space and corners of our houses. Be it Rajasthani Royal or Middle Eastern architectural forms, the Indian home décor stands bold and bright with its appearance and the colors.

DecorNation got you a few modern yet Indian Styled Living Room Inspirations and if you like the idea of it in the picture, then do try these décor styles at your place too.

1. Bright and vibrant combination of colors with rustic fabric for the seating space.

2. A simple swinging cot dressed well with Indian embroidered fabric sheets and cushion.

3. If peace was something you were planning to indulge yourself into, how about getting into a room like this?

4. Let your living rooms speak the language of your splendid Indian roots.

5. A room that defines the freshness of the Indian culture with beautiful paintings, furniture and some greenery.

We would love to know what kind of home décor and DIY blogs that you would want us to put on this page. Till then Happy and Classy Living!

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