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Times are changing and so does it become difficult to keep a pace with it these days. From letters to e-mails, a simple type-writer to a new-age computer, walkman to i-pod and what not! Technology is satisfying and the time gets demanding than ever. And so do our priorities take a leap and push the ideas to go even beyond the expectation. It is not just the technology anymore, the idea to a comfortable living lies in the simplicity. This inspiration has helped DecorNation into introducing Ready-to-Assemble furniture items that will help you not just save your time in its installation but also your precious money which you would spend on it otherwise.

The popular and the best-seller of all our products were mostly the Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) home –décor items that could be set up just by a standard screw driver! An expertise in installing the furniture will definitely not be needed by you when it’s a DecorNation product. Many of our customers have appreciated our efforts in bringing these conventional and chic styled items to the Indian markets which was instead seen mainly in the western furniture industries. The ease with which the items can be assembled just by going through the given instructions with the product can really be over-whelming. It saves you the cost of a carpenter and as a matter of fact it has for many of our satisfied customers.

Gone are the days when the delivery of the home-furniture item was so dreadful and hassled; in fact the beauty of our RTA décor items remains in its ability to be swiftly packaged and delivered. Say a DecorNation book-shelf with more than 6 sides to it can be contained in just a medium-sized box. Imagine the damage that would have happened to a pretty shelf otherwise in the shipping process! It goes without saying that people have better expectations from furniture industry these days now that the Indian houses are more compact and dynamic than ever. This is why, it motivates us to bring more easy and ready-to-assemble products like the ones we already have in our store. Because DecorNation understand that moving and settling at different places or cities can certainly be a part of our customers life and it is our duty to make it easier for them by creating products which can be packed and carried away easily.

We have customers ranging from all walks of life and working professions, also there are college and hostel students as well. It is important for us to maintain your expectation from us on what we ensure on behalf of DecorNation and its team. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of a few small spaces in your house and rooms and we look forward to serve you with even better quality of products and more of simplicity.

Keep writing to us about your experiences with us. Till then Happy and Classy Living!

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